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So why is Marketing so important?

Telling people about your site is a good start in terms of getting sales and paying off those monthl bills!

SITE LAYOUT / PSYCHOLOGY: With an intuitive site layout and a good psychological understanding of your customers you can not fail in terms of sign ups and sales. Always keep in mind what it is you want your customers to do when they hit your page, if you have no idea - I can guarantee they will have no ideas either.

TAGS: Do your research in terms of Meta content and tags. Your site may be beautiful however if you get your tags wrong you will be losing out on free search engine traffic.

Linking: Being recommended by other sites is a good start for the search engines to find you. Here is a good tip to get you started, visit: and type your domain name in the top search bar. will search your site and soon afterwards the major search engines will hit your site as well.

Other: In terms of marketing, their are hundreds of ways to generate traffic and sales. From viral videos to content generation, to PPC advertising. Also do not negate real advertising - a good flyer will bring in some good quality users and a car sticker will definitely gather some attention.


Thanks for the brilliant design of our new site. We and our customer love it!
Karyan Bokhurst

The SEO work you did for our site has incresase our traffic and user signups by 200% - thank you!
The guys at Oz-pay!
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