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So what makes Your sites Web Technology so special?

You can go *Nix or Windows or Mac or... but what does your pocket want?

TECHNOLOGY: When we started building online businesses we went the cheapest possible way. Why? Well at the time we where living on McDonald's kiddies meals so a good reliable and free open source technologies where much desired!

Open Source: For any new online entrepreneur - we say, go open source and never look back! Its cost effective, reliable, easy to use and you will find thousands of communities online willing to help and make suggestions.

In terms of sales the technology makes very little difference, however it is the mind behind the technology that will. Formatting the code correctly and being diligent with tags and ensuring your naming conventions are intuitive will go a long way in getting eye balls from the engines.


Thanks for the brilliant design of our new site. We and our customer love it!
Karyan Bokhurst

The SEO work you did for our site has incresase our traffic and user signups by 200% - thank you!
The guys at Oz-pay!
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