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So what makes Your Site Design so special?

A number of factors make your site design special and you need to be aware of this AND GET IT RIGHT!

TECHNOLOGY: If you are going to be relying on the search engines for business you may decide to go for a simple HTML based web site design. Simple HTML makes it easy for the search engines to grab content from your site and to list your pages.

You may be a media related business and your sales may come from other offline sources. In this case you may pick flash as a way to show off your offerings, although don’t expect too much in terms of web referrals.

If however you want a flash based site AND to generate business online, you may wish to opt for HTML with flash embedded in the code or better yet - create a corporate site dedicated to your portfolio and then an HTML based marketing site through which you will gather clients.

Your site design goes further than the technology used. What do you want your customers to do when they hit your site? Do you want them to buy a product or sign up to a news letter or give their email address for a free report. If you require action from your customers make sure you let your designer know what you want your customers to do when they visit so he or she can take this into consideration when building your site.


Thanks for the brilliant design of our new site. We and our customer love it!
Karyan Bokhurst

The SEO work you did for our site has incresase our traffic and user signups by 200% - thank you!
The guys at Oz-pay!
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